Marano Family Lawyers

Marano Family Lawyers

Marano Family Lawyers was established in 2018 by Annamaria Marano.

Ms. Marano was a former litigation partner of McBride Harle and Martin, Hurstville. She has been a practicing lawyer for almost 30 years and is an accredited specialist in Family Law.

“I have been in Hurstville since late 1989 and it is like my second home,” Ms. Marano said. “I have seen many changes throughout the years and I have grown with them.

“As a result, I know many locals in the area.”

Ms. Marano said the practice offered careful and considered advice, often urgent and at short notice, as required by the client. 

“We aim to be adaptable, and assist whenever we can, even after hours, and on short notice,” she said.

“We care about our clients and deliver a first-class service.”

“Clients’ needs change constantly, depending on their circumstances.

“It is important for people to seek the right professional advice because, in the long run, it will give them peace of mind, and save them money.”

Ms. Marano said a particular area of interest to her was Statutory Wills.

She said the Supreme Court of NSW can make an Order for a Will to be made, changed, or revoked on behalf of a person who cannot make or change his/her own Will. This is known as a Statutory Will.

The intervention of the Supreme Court may be required where a person has a Will but circumstances render the Will unsatisfactory, or a person has no Will but has made a promise or expressed an intention for his/her estate to be dealt with in a certain way, and or because of other circumstances making the result not appropriate.

Examples of situations such as this may include:

  1. a person who has no direct family and who will die resulting in assets being transferred or paid to the State Government;
  2. a person who had the capacity and formed relationships, made promises, or expressed an intention to make a Will and named beneficiaries without having a proper Will prepared and signed;

iiI. a person suffering a brain injury and who is awarded large compensation; or

  1. a person who has an intellectual impairment, and may inherit assets from other family members but cannot make proper life decisions.

Ms. Marano said an application for a Statutory Will can be made with permission by the Court, and on the proviso that the necessary information is provided to the Court.

To find out more about the services available from Marano Family Lawyers you can contact Annamaria Marano at 1300 056 674 or visit the website:

Appointments available Hurstville and Sydney CBD.

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